Keystone Programs

The learning at Keystone goes beyond the confines of a classroom. With an equal emphasis in sports, fitness, arts and craft and gardening, we help the kids acquire and apply the knowledge and attitude to set and achieve goals, and establish and maintain positive relationships.

We try to create an environment where a child’s inquisitiveness is constantly put to the test. We encourage them to ask questions and contribute towards their own journey of education. We regularly strive to introduce offbeat programs to ensure the holistic education of your child. These include:

Keystone Elements:

Social Emotional Learning
Children need social and emotional tools to face the complex and ever-changing world. It is a community’s collective responsibility to take care of the wellbeing of a child. Our Responsive Classroom approach emphasizes academic, social, and emotional growth in every child through a strong school community. These programs are conducted in a respectful, safe and supportive learning environment using various strategies as needed to address the students’ needs. The SEL skills are weaved into everything the students do at the school.

Other Programs

Guided Reading & Biblithon

They say that reading is a solitary act, a time just for ourselves. However, reading can also be a community event that takes your students closer to the joy of sharing stories.


Keystone’s Makerspace environment is conducive to providing life to students’ ideas. Students are able to explore, build, create, and tinker as part of their projects using a variety of tools and materials. They are projected with socially relevant problems to explore the environment and they get to develop solutions that require multi-disciplinary application of subjects such as science, technology, arts, mechanics, coding, robotics etc. Each idea/project has its own unique set-up and feel based on the needs, interests, resources and goals of the learning modules.


Keystonians work towards the attributes that we believe are vital for their success in college and career. Right from asking “What if, why, how…” to understanding the value of diverse perspectives. Attributes programs are designed to enable children to cope with and thrive in all contexts.

Theatre & Creative Arts

Students refine their communication skills and gain a deeper understanding of the history and practice of theatre as an art form. Children and adolescents develop concepts about themselves, human relationships, and the environment by participating in role-playing. explain theatre as a reflection of life in particular times, places, and cultures The student relates theatre to history, society, and culture. Actors draw on their personal experiences and feelings when interpreting scripts and developing their creative expression and performance. art of telling stories through live acting.

Student Led Committees

A great sense of belonging and shouldering responsibilities is a healthy culture that every Keystonian follows. They can exactly show you how to reduce food wastage, inspire teamwork, make hygiene a habit, care for nature and respect one another at a young age. They do so, because they believe in them as ladders of maturity. Such values are not a compulsion, but a great practice at Keystone. And to achieve it all, we have student-led committees.

Field visits

We consider farming as a responsible environmental tool. Through farming, we try to teach ‘accountability’ to our kids. This quality would help them succeed in life.

Expert talks
Athletics & Sports

In addition to developing physical and mental skills, the Athletics and Sports Program at Keystone is designing towards promoting teamwork, leadership, responsibility, integrity, strategic and tactical planning and the ability to learn from failures. We offer a variety of sports such as soccer, track and field, basketball, badminton, table tennis and skating.


We try to keep our students updated and informed about the latest technologies. They carry out with robotics and programming sessions, which are exclusive to the curriculum.

World Languages

Student get exposure to both national and international languages.