International Admissions
Why Keystone?

Moving to a new country and adjusting to an unfamiliar culture and learning environment can be an overwhelming experience for a child. Most parents moving to India face this challenge with their children when they choose a school with a conventional learning process that is teacher and text book driven, which is in stark contrast to the progressive schooling methodologies in most developed countries.

Keystone’s learning philosophy and culture provides the ideal support for children transitioning to the Indian environment through a project approach, which is on par with the best schools in the world, melded with a unique social-emotional learning program that provides local context and strong ties to the community to help students connect with and assimilate into their new environment with ease. Consequently, a significant portion of Keystone’s student population consists of children who have moved from an overseas schooling environment.

Admission Process

Parents who have not yet moved to India can apply for an admission through the following process:

  1. Submit an admission inquiry through our website, or email the admissions counsellor at
  2. The admissions counsellor will arrange for an online session to understand the student background and provide more details about the school.
  3. Submit supporting documents specified by the counsellor through email.
  4. Admission is confirmed along with submission of application form and fee payment.