Communication Model

An environment where the student becomes the teacher by deconstructing the hierarchy of learning, Keystone School ensures a two-way transfer of knowledge and experience: from teacher to student and vice versa; through imagination, discovery, participation and engagement. Because when experience and knowledge flow in a learning environment, children explore all that is truly possible. At Keystone, we believe there are three vital relationships that form the crux of a healthy education.


The relationship between the educator and student at Keystone, is that of a mentor and a friend. Our educators are with the student every step of the way and help them understands concepts of life, science, math and literature in a collaborative effort.


Given the amount of time any child spends at home, this relationship is the most vital when it comes to creating a healthy atmosphere in the child’s life. From reading to them at night to inculcating a positive outlook to life, parents have a great impact on any kid’s life.


We also believe in having an open dialogue between the parent and the educator to discuss the growth and progress of the child. For the holistic development of the child, it’s key that this relationship flourishes.