Our Story & Mission

“When they enter the workforce, 65% of our children will be working in roles that don’t even exist today” The world around us in changing at an ever growing pace. Advances in technology are obsoleting skills so fast that it is becoming almost impossible to predict the nature of future work environments and roles. As the adage goes, “knowledge is wealth”, but the overwhelming amount of information being generated today cannot be processed in the traditional sense of learning.

So how do we prepare our children to succeed in such an environment? Is it sufficient to go through a checklist of curriculum standards to state that a child is ready for the real world? What are the attributes that we need to develop in our children to make them future ready?

Keystone School was founded with the mission to bring about a paradigm shift in educational approach by creating a learning environment that not only promotes assimilation of knowledge but also its application through authentic projects. This approach helps children to connect with their communities, interact with domain experts and develop Keystonian Attributes, which we firmly believe will set them up for success in a complex, ever-changing world. It is an approach that creates a true “Community of Learners”.