Keystone Approach
A Community of Learners Ignited by Purpose: The human race, sparked by curiosity and ignited by purpose, has evolved through the ages, on a  relentless path of progress. From building skyscrapers to creating breathtaking works of art, the possibilities are infinite. The collective mind of humanity is the engine that powers it all, constantly learning, discovering and creating. Each new generation a more sophisticated “Community of Learners”.
Learning Stages
We help our kids to achieve academic excellence through a holistic approach and new-age pedagogies. These approaches will cultivate optimal physical, social, emotional and behavioral development.
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Early Years
Primary Years
Middle & High School
Happenings at Keystone
Interactive session with an expert
Students actively took part in the career guidance session along with their parents.
Keystonians at the Maker Faire
Projects designed by our kids got shortlisted for the Maker Faire Hyderabad 2018.
Children’s Day is an exciting time
It's a day when our Keystonians are entertained by their designers with dance, music and play.
“Experiences from the Community”
The classrooms are bright and well lit, the number of students per class is low and the teachers take special care to nurture every child. No other school in our experience so far has afforded our child with such singular attention and care to help him learn and grow.
– Suma Kavan
We are very satisfied with the progress that my son has made so far at Keystone. He loves going to school, has made wonderful friends and adores his teachers. We as parents couldn’t be happier. The teachers are extremely helpful.
– Vishwanath
We learn by experimenting new things. What I like most about Keystone is that there are no harsh punishments here. Our teachers are always eager to guide us. I love coming back to school everyday. I like the greenery here.
– Arush, Grade 6
I am a National level tennis player. Hence, I miss out on my lessons at school. But my teachers are really encouraging and supportive. They keep my notes ready and guide me whenever I need supervision. At Keystone, there’s a lot of creativity in the way they teach.
– Tishya -Grade 7
After I joined this school, I understood that my interest lies in physics. Unlike other schools, here they explain the reason behind every process and discuss the logic behind every topic they teach. I enjoy showcasing our projects to our parents.
– Krishna, Grade 7
Keystone is definitely a progressive school, providing a beautiful nurturing space for the child to grow and learn.
– Sangeeta Menon, Teacher, The Integral School
It was good to see the school adopting experiential learning to teach the students various subjects. The campus was really good and spacious and the ambience was calm and peaceful.
– Fatima Khan, Expert Baker & Culinarian
Apart from the regular education, I believe that Keystone is doing a great job in giving kids exposure in various fields, making the kids ready for life.
– Harsha Gadiyaram, Entrepreneur & Researcher (CTO Founder)